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Northwoods Falls, already a regionally iconic log cabin lodge style family restaurant, saloon, and entertainment venue – is expanding in almost unimaginable ways. Our plan is to develop Northwoods Falls as a true destination place, making it stand out to remain popular and in demand regardless of the economy.

In order to help provide capital for this growth without adding long term debt to the company, we are looking to bring in local investors through a private business stock sale of which many of our loyal customers would have the ability to participate.  Who better to see our vision of not just what Northwoods Falls is today, but what it will become in the near future? It’s going to be an exciting adventure and its already began.

This is simply an introduction. Much of what we have planned is proprietary at this point so we can’t divulge too many details here. However, if your interest is piqued, please let us know and we’ll get you additional information and schedule a day and time for you to meet with the owners to learn more.

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