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Initiative Description

Northwoods Falls, with its warm and inviting log cabin and expansive outdoor dining areas is already one of the more iconic restaurant, bar, and live entertainment venues in Northwest Indiana. Our intention is to turn it into a very popular destination place for people from all over the region and beyond! And our unique ten-acre wooded property with pond in Saint John is the perfect setting for our ambitious plans.

Whether out for dinner with the family or to enjoy wonderful music and drinks under the stars with close friends, we’ll help you create long lasting memories. Our plan is to take advantage of our huge pond-side wrap around deck and natural setting to create an experience like no other. This will be accomplished by turning our 10,000 sq ft outdoor dining areas into a fully immersive experience not to be missed as the trees, surrounding landscape and constructed features come to life all around our guests enveloping them with music and lights!


Imagine dining out on one of our large decks when suddenly the trees and landscape all around burst to life and seem to magically move and reshape themselves in time with an inspiring song. Or watch as our own “Northwoods Lights” thrill everyone as they streak across the tree line above the water programmed in movement to a timeless classical song. Or gaze across the pond as the surrounding trees flash brightly lit in animated sequence to a patriotic song. Maybe the next song will mesmerize the diners with ribbons of colors swirling on the pond’s surface and against the rising tree line. Another unimaginable highlight might be watching in amazement while giant, seemingly holographic, dancers moving to an upbeat swing tune drift across the pond’s surface projected onto a 75’ high by 150’ wide screen made entirely of misted water sprayed by two large water cannons.

These are only a few of the limitless themes and possibilities for innovative content using music, moving lights, projectors with mapping, and water features. And the daytime hours are just as dramatic and appealing. What could be better than having breakfast or lunch on the deck overlooking the large cascading waterfall and dancing fountains timed to great songs?


The fantastic light and music shows will be offered year around and the water features April through November weather permitting. In the colder seasons guests can dine inside and move outside to see a charming Christmas winter wonderland timed to carols sung by our local musicians, or a spooky Halloween themed show where the friendly monsters sing along to popular scary songs. We’ll offer a number of crystal cabins for private winter dining and guests will even be free to walk the Northwoods Falls back trail to see the lights from a whole new perspective inside the light show.

Lighted Trees 10

It's a very difficult thing to describe the true special effects our guests will be able to enjoy as well as the vastness of the possible themes and settings we’ll be able to create. Some of the photos on this page will give you some idea, but photos can’t capture the level of exhilaration this animated and immersive experience will offer. Like museum exhibits or movie runs, new themed shows will be launched often to keep the content fresh and our guests coming back.

Action Plan

We have invested heavily in phase one and its now complete. The property and much of the infrastructure is in place. We’re very close to being able to create this unbelievable venue. The dining platforms are ready and so is the excellent sound system. Many of the programmed themed concepts have been determined and much of the story board content is currently under development. The team of experts is in place and ready to install. The equipment and additional infrastructure required has been identified and a plan is in place for acquisition. Most of the work is completed, this entire production could be in place in as little as 4-6 weeks!

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As stated, much of the work has been completed. We require an additional $250,000 to complete the project as it’s described here. This can even be structured in sub-phases and depending on how much capital is infused we can initiate some or all of the phases simultaneously. NWF’s is offering a short-term debt investment structure paying a 25% return via a secured promissory note in $10,000 increments. In fact, the incentive is far better when you consider that following a 60 day build-out period the note will be repaid in ten equal payments for a one-year maturity. Investors will begin to see their principal return quickly.

Investors will not have an equity stake in Northwoods Falls nor will they have input on direction or day-to-day decision making. These expansions are anticipated to begin right away, but are subject to permitting, weather and factors beyond our control. Delays or changes to the plan being implemented will have no effect on the commitment or terms of the notes. Northwoods Falls reserves the right to reject any investors or pay them off early at full interest.

A dramatic increase in revenue is anticipated with the opening of this one-of-a-kind light and music show venue and those funds along with normal operational cash flow will be used to repay the debt. We hope you’ll consider taking advantage of this opportunity and play a part in helping us bring this very exciting development to Northwoods Falls and the Northwest Indiana community. Further expansions are under development and in the planning stages.

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